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Uzayisenga Vanessa

Biggest Need

Age 4

Gender Female

Grade Baby Class (Preschool)

Favorite Color Red

Vanessa is a 4 year old girl. Her dream is to become a doctor. While in class, Vanessa enjoys learning about numbers and art. Her favorite color is yellow and she loves hens. Outside the classroom, Vanessa can be seen playing from swings or singing children songs with her friends. Vanessa stays with her parents, 1 young brother and 1 elder brother go to a nearby public school. Vanessa comes from a poor family, where her parents have no permanent job, but they provide any kind of labour in the community to earn some pennies to survive. Vanessa's mom is among many mothers that serve in Hope Haven's farming fields as a way of paying school fees. Luckily, the family owns a small mud house in which they live.